JavaFX graphics performance

Michael Paus mp at
Mon Apr 10 16:59:50 UTC 2017


more and more people ask me why I am still doing GUI development in 
JavaFX instead
of following the  mainstream and use some web technology. One of the 
I could use in the past was performance but nowadays this does not seem 
to be such
a valid argument anymore. Web technologies are catching up quickly and 
JavaFX currently
has not much to offer here. Actually the general drawing performance is 
very bad compared
to what is in principle possible with a modern GPU. I even tried to use 
a TriangleMesh
to better exploit the graphics hardware but this approach is also 
limited by the fact that
a TrinangleMesh has an excessive memory usage (about 60 times its 
nominal memory
consumption). I would therefore like to ask whether there are already 
any plans for Java 10
to improve this situation?


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