Canvas Content Shift

Jim Graham james.graham at
Fri Apr 14 20:19:26 UTC 2017

On 4/14/17 7:36 AM, Michael Paus wrote:
> For my Mac (Retina) I know that the renderScale is 2.0 but how do you find that out in the general case?

In JDK 9 you have:

Window.outputScaleX/Y (read-only double properties, based on Screen values)
Window.renderScaleX/Y (get/set double properties, default to output scales)
Window.forceIntegerRenderScale (get/set boolean property)

In the case of Canvas, though, since we can't re-render currently (we have an outstanding wish-list item to add 
invalidation and repaint capabilities to it so we can make the data non-persistent) we have to choose the largest 
rendering scale that we might ever need - which is basically the max of all of the Screen output scales.

We need to add (for 10, too late for 9):

Canvas.renderScaleX/Y properties, gettable for all, settable only for non-persistent canvas objects

and maybe:

Canvas.repaint/validate/etc. for enabling non-persistence


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