JavaFX graphics performance

Michael Paus mp at
Tue Apr 18 09:22:43 UTC 2017


"Excessive memory consumption in TriangleMesh/MeshView"
you wrote:
There is a missing divide (by VERTEX_SIZE_VB) when computing the growth 
of vertexBuffer array as needed. Hence it has the potential of creating 
a vertexBuffer and some cached data to 9 times as big as designed. 
However this bug only affect Mesh with VertexFormat.POINT_NORMAL_TEXCOORD.

This somehow contradicts your last comment in
"[3D] TriangleMesh/MeshView high memory/CPU usage"
Application should use the new user-defined normals format for dynamic 
mesh to avoid high memory and CPU usage.

I hope the bug fix will also be backported to Java 8.

Am 12.04.17 um 22:19 schrieb Chien Yang:
> BTW, it is a bug that we are unaware of if you are seeing a 60X 
> nominal memory consumption in your program.  Please file a JIRA with a 
> test program and we will investigate it.
> Thanks,
> - Chien
> On 4/10/2017 1:08 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>> We are planning some performance improvements in JDK 10, mostly in 
>> the areas of CSS and layout. If you have specific concerns in other 
>> areas we could look into them. Having a specific test case that shows 
>> a performance problem would be a good start.
>> -- Kevin
>> Michael Paus wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> more and more people ask me why I am still doing GUI development in 
>>> JavaFX instead
>>> of following the  mainstream and use some web technology. One of the 
>>> arguments
>>> I could use in the past was performance but nowadays this does not 
>>> seem to be such
>>> a valid argument anymore. Web technologies are catching up quickly 
>>> and JavaFX currently
>>> has not much to offer here. Actually the general drawing performance 
>>> is very bad compared
>>> to what is in principle possible with a modern GPU. I even tried to 
>>> use a TriangleMesh
>>> to better exploit the graphics hardware but this approach is also 
>>> limited by the fact that
>>> a TrinangleMesh has an excessive memory usage (about 60 times its 
>>> nominal memory
>>> consumption). I would therefore like to ask whether there are 
>>> already any plans for Java 10
>>> to improve this situation?
>>> Michael

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