Review: Remove Lens code (finally)

Johan Vos johan at
Wed Apr 19 07:55:18 UTC 2017

Hi David,

The JavaFX for embedded Armv6hf we build with Gluon uses Monocle. I have a
version built with X11 ready as well. But I agree Lens can safely be

- Johan

Op di 18 apr. 2017 om 22:48 schreef David Hill <David.Hill at>:

> Here is the change to remove the Lens code.
> caviots:
>     There were some minor gradle fixes required to cross build.
>     I removed all of the arm*gradle files except for armv6hf. Arm is not a
> supported platform anymore and by reducing to the most likely to be used
> (because of the Pi), I can concentrate what few resources I can to checking
> that platform still builds.
>     Armv6hf builds cleanly. I don't have a working Pi configuration to
> test it, and need to figure out building the JDK for ARM before I really
> can test it even then.
>      We have not been using Lens for JDK 8,9 so this should be safe.
> webrev:
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