WebView and WebGL

Michael Paus mp at jugs.org
Fri Aug 25 07:34:47 UTC 2017

I also find it important to get WebGL support into WebView as soon as 
but I fear that this is not such an easy task because there are a few things
to consider. From my point of view, for example, it would not make much 
to implement WebGL exclusively in the context of the WebView. JavaFX
itself also needs some high-performance, cross-platform low-level rendering
engine which should be compatible with WebGL in a similar way as the JavaFX
Canvas is compatible with the HTML 5 Canvas. But once you have such a
cross-platform, GL compatible rendering engine you have to ask yourself why
JavaFX still needs different internal Prism renderer implementations and 
not just use the one cross platform engine. All this needs careful 


Am 25.08.17 um 02:12 schrieb John-Val Rose:
> I have a couple of questions about the implementation of WebView within
> JavaFX.
> I understand that, at present, it is based on WebKit but does not support
> WebGL.  For our requirements, WebGL support is essential and I expect that
> other developers would appreciate support of this kind as well.
> It appears that WebGL support will not be implemented until Java 10 at the
> earliest, or, perhaps even later.  As we know, this could be several years
> away so I would like to offer my time to work on implementing WebGL support
> ASAP so that it can be released to the community as part of an incremental
> Java 9 release.
> How do you feel about this suggestion?
> Also, could you please let me know that if the current WebView is just a
> wrapper around WebKit and uses native WebKit rendering, or is it actually
> using the JavaFX API itself to do the rendering within the JavaFX rendering
> pipeline?
> *Graciously,*
> *John-Val Rose*
> *Chief Scientist/Architect*
> *Rosethorn Technology*
> *Australia*

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