Module dependencies

Florian Brunner fbrunnerlist at
Fri Aug 25 19:23:15 UTC 2017


I'm still new to the Jigsaw module system, but I've found some documentation which is strange:
The Javadoc states that javafx.base depends on java.base:

But when we look at the source code, we see that javafx.base depends on java.desktop:

This sounds more logical as javafx.base depends on the package java.beans which is in the java.desktop module, e.g.:

So I guess, the info in the Javadoc, which was generated, I think, is misleading!

That said, as far as I remember, one of the original goals of JavaFX regarding to Java SE 8 Compact Profiles/ Java SE 9 modules was to be able to generate a tailored JRE, which only includes the JavaFX stack without the AWT/ Swing stack. With the module dependency from javafx.base to java.desktop this won't be possible now, I think.
This is really bad news for  JavaFX on mobiles and embedded systems, but also for desktop applications which ship with a tailored, embedded JRE.

Are there any plans to make JavaFX available without the AWT/ Swing stack?
Will it be possible to change the module dependencies once they are published? (Depending on how transitive dependencies are handled and regarded, this could be a breaking change.)

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