WebView and WebGL

Sten Nordstrom stnordstrom at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 13:15:33 UTC 2017

Hi Michael, all,

Just want to state my support for Michael's "Direct backed WritableImage".
Having a way to do natively-backed rendering is IMO the most important
feature still missing from FX. This is an area where QT is still way ahead
with it's OpenGL/OpenGL ES integration.

Having something like a direct-WritableImage implementation would also make
it easier to implement a video viewer using native decoder libs. Personally
I find this approach much more powerful than the existing FX 3D and media
streaming features, which are (especially 3D) limited in their

I will be at JavaOne this year, so if there is any interest in meeting up
and talking JavaFX I'm in!

Best regards,

Sten Nordström

On Fri, 25 Aug 2017 at 22.41 Michael Hoffer <info at michaelhoffer.de> wrote:

> Hi Jonathan, hi all,
> I would like to bring up the "WritableImage backed by DirectBuffer"
> discussion again:

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