Is a Desktop Experience on ARM with X11 Possible?

David Hill David.Hill at
Thu Feb 9 20:02:43 UTC 2017

On 2/9/17, 2:08 PM, Scott Palmer wrote:
> Just wondering if there are some options for building OpenJFX for
> embedded ARM such that it behaves like it does on x86 Linux with X11.
> I mean with actual decorated windows instead of just  lumping
> everything onto the frame buffer or a single window.
> Is this currently possible?
It should be possible, I just have not done it in a while so would not be surprised if there is some bit rot.

In short, you want the GTK base glass plugin, instead of Monocle. We were building both before I stopped building ARM.

after that, it should be a simple command line toggle, or a small edit to the created platform properties file.



Note that there is a good chance that this will not be hardware accelerated because of differences in GL setup.

> Scott

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