Is a Desktop Experience on ARM with X11 Possible?

Mattias Eliasson mattias.eliasson at
Thu Feb 9 21:44:22 UTC 2017

It depends on the platform. On Raspberry Pi x11 doesn't support hardware acceleration. That's an x11 issue not a JFX issue. I'm currently gonna implement a very limited desktop environment for this platform specifically, although it should work on any ARM platform that can run JFX.

To make x11 and OpenGL mix well you need a good backed renderer for x11. If you can't get windows decoration on OpenGL windows that's probably because your platform doesn't use OpenGL for the window manager. That used to be a problem on x86 before they made x11 render everything using OpenGL. But the problem is that ARM usually has EGL which is not yet fully supported by x11. There may be support for some GPU:s but don't count on yours being supported. 

David Hill <David.Hill at> skrev: (9 februari 2017 21:02:43 CET)
>On 2/9/17, 2:08 PM, Scott Palmer wrote:
>> Just wondering if there are some options for building OpenJFX for
>> embedded ARM such that it behaves like it does on x86 Linux with X11.
>> I mean with actual decorated windows instead of just  lumping
>> everything onto the frame buffer or a single window.
>> Is this currently possible?
>It should be possible, I just have not done it in a while so would not
>be surprised if there is some bit rot.
>In short, you want the GTK base glass plugin, instead of Monocle. We
>were building both before I stopped building ARM.
>after that, it should be a simple command line toggle, or a small edit
>to the created platform properties file.
>Note that there is a good chance that this will not be hardware
>accelerated because of differences in GL setup.
>> Scott
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