Review request: 8169286: Need to exclude Monocle from production build

Jörg Wille joerg.wille at
Fri Feb 10 21:32:26 UTC 2017

Hi Kevin,
in your "fix" you write: "JIGSAW -- Figure out what to do with Monocle"
Can you elaborate a bit on this topic?
- Why do you have to exclude Monocle from production build?
- Is Monocle not compatible with jigsaw and if so, is it not planned to
make it compatible?
- What possibilities have current users of Monocle when they want to switch
to jdk9?

The compony I work for, is using Monocle for some of its current products.
Monocle is of now the only way to get JavaFX running (at least
half-performant) on some smaller embedded devices.
And what about JavaFXPorts - does it not also have dependencies on Monocle?


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