Is a Desktop Experience on ARM with X11 Possible?

Chris Newland cnewland at
Sun Feb 12 23:36:28 UTC 2017

Hi Scott,

I run windowed JavaFX desktop apps on the Raspberry Pi 3 (Latest Raspbian
+ PIXEL desktop without experimental driver) using the GTK platform and
software pipeline with an OpenJFX build from my server at

Just download an ARM nightly:


and unzip it over your JDK

unzip -d /home/pi/jdk1.8.0_121

and then add the switches -Dprism.platform=gtk -Dprism.order=sw to your
java command.



On Thu, February 9, 2017 19:08, Scott Palmer wrote:
> Just wondering if there are some options for building OpenJFX for
> embedded ARM such that it behaves like it does on x86 Linux with X11. I
> mean with actual decorated windows instead of just  lumping everything
> onto the frame buffer or a single window.
> Is this currently possible?
> Scott

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