Corrections for Javadoc

Nir Lisker nlisker at
Wed May 10 16:13:55 UTC 2017

I'm looking at build 168 of JDK9 and there are a few mistakes in the docs.
I can't submit issues to the JIRA so I'll list them here. A similar issue

   - The following use "a Observable..." instead of "an Observable...".
         - ListProperty<E>
         - MapProperty<K,V>
         - ReadOnlyListPropertyBase<E>
         - SetProperty<E>
      - javafx.beans.binding
         - NumberExpression
         - BooleanExpression
         - DoubleExpression
         - FloatExpression
         - IntegerExpression
         - ListExpression
         - LongExpression
         - MapExpression
         - ObjectExpression
         - SetExpression
         - StringExpression
         - javafx.scene.shape.ObservableFaceArray copies its description
   from its superinteface ObservableIntegerArray, does not declare any API
   methods and is listed under package javafx.scene.shape. It's not clear at
   all what this interface is. As it is, it looks like it's not meant to be
   - javafx.collections.ObservableIntegerArray uses "a int[]" instead of
   "an int[]". This writing ("a int") is found in java.lang.Integer as well in
   a few places.


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