MarlinFX upgrade 0.7.5

Laurent Bourgès bourges.laurent at
Tue May 16 21:11:09 UTC 2017

Hi Jim,

I didn't notice anything functionally wrong with reviewing the webrev.  I'm
> going to do some basic testing on it now while you create a JBS bug for it
> and submit for a formal review.  But I did notice some discrepancies by
> diffing the sources against each other which it would be nice to know if
> they were oversights or "future work".  If there is something you think
> should be addressed now, do that in the process of switching to a formal
> review (with JBS #) on it...

I will create the JBS bug asap.

> I did a bit of diffing:
> - Marlin2D against MarlinFX
> - *NoAA against the AA versions
> and noticed:

Thanks for your carefull analysis, here are my comments below:

- RendererNoAA and DRendererNoAA line 38 are missing a "d" suffix.
> - RendererNoAA and DRendererNoAA lines 61,90 - missing comment about test

I forgot to synchronize recent changes into RendererNoAA variants: good
catch !

> - Helpers and DHelpers - some adjustment of "pts[ off+1 ]" lines that
> didn't happen in 2D

I decided to revert those minor syntax changes.

> - Configurable constants for Inc/Dec/Quad/Cubic in 2D, but not FX

I hesitated but decided to backport the support for these configurable
constants in all (D)Renderer(NoAA) (4 variants)

> - DRendererSharedMemory in FX, but not 2D

> - FloatMath.ceil_f deleted from FX, but not 2D (not used in 2D)
> - (FloatMath.floor_f is also only in 2D, but it is used in
> MarlinRenderingEngine)

I decided to leave those FloatMath differences as Marlin2D (and FloatMath
Tests) do use these methods.

Finally I propose another MarlinFX webrev:

- (D)Helpers: revert syntax changed in cubicRootsInAB() + fixed comment in
- (D)MarlinRenderingEngine: added logs for cubic/quad properties
- (D)Renderer and (D)RendererNoAA: use cubic/quad properties like Marlin2D
- (D)RendererNoAA: fixed syntax changes mentioned: missing "d" suffix +
comment about test
- MarlinProperties: added quality settings (cubic/quad)

PS: I will send an updated webrev for the Marlin2D patch.


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