OpenJDK 8 and JavaFx for Windows 7

Stefan Murawski stmura at
Thu Dec 6 13:33:24 UTC 2018


this probably an annoying question, but I cannot find a solution.

I am trying to find a JavaFX build that is compatible with OpenJDK 8 and

So far I tried:
Taking the AdoptOpenJDK Build for Windows 64 and JavaFX Drop-In from

This works very well for Windows 10. But on Windows I cannot start the
application due to missing DLLS (I presume).

My hunt through the internet led me to a post which basically said:
OpenJDK 8 and JavaFx will never work on Windows 7.
Is this true?

The Reasoning behind my search is the desire to switch to an openjdk which
is supported a bit longer than the oracle 8 jdk, but with javafx for
Windows integrated.

The new JavaFX page only deals with JavaFx11, sadly.

If there is a way to build javafx myself, so that it works with
WIndows7/10/OpenJDK please kindly guide me to a description.

Thanks for any help,
Stefan Murwaski

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