Filling the Packager gap

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Thu Dec 13 19:30:31 UTC 2018

[including Andy]

On 12/13/2018 10:25 AM, Sverre Moe wrote:
> Has anyone been able to use jpackager with bundle resources?
> The jpackager says to put these on the class path
> Using default package resource [menu icon]  (add package/linux/app.png to
> the class path to customize)
> Using default package resource [Menu shortcut descriptor]  (add
> package/linux/app.desktop to the class path to customize)
> Using default package resource [RPM spec file]  (add package/linux/app.spec
> to the class path to customize)
> I have mentioned on corejdk mailinglist that the help output should mention
> how to do this.
> The jpackager does not support any classpath argument. The old javapackager
> did have an argument for setting classpath.
> Editing the jpackager bash script to include "-cp
> /path/to/project/build/deploy/" does not work.
> Considering that jdk.packager is a java module, I even tried to add the
> directory where package/linux is to the module-path.
> --module-path "/path/to/project/build/deploy":${JAVA_PACKAGER_PATH}

Andy can probably comment on this.

> It seems jpackager has been re-targeted for Java 13. I just hope it will
> continue to be usable for package Java 11 applications. The backported
> jpackager is working fine except for this resource problem.

Yes, the jpackage tool (recently renamed to drop the 'r') will have the 
ability to package JDK 11 applications.

-- Kevin

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