Javapackager 10 to bundle OpenJDK 11 runtime

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed Dec 19 13:51:15 UTC 2018

I doubt that will work.

We are developing a replacement tool, jpackage [1], which will be part 
of OpenJDK. It is planned for JDK 13, and will support JDK 11 or later 
as a Java runtime. You can download an early access of this tool on [2]. Discussion on jpackage is happening on the 
core-libs-dev mailing list [3]. Alternatively, Gluon has a standalone 
version of javapackager that will work with JDK 11. Johan Vos can 
provide a pointer.

-- Kevin


On 12/19/2018 5:28 AM, Alan White (Drum Score Editor) wrote:
> I understand the guidance for apps created with OpenJDK 11, is to use the javapackager from jdk 10.
> The old basedir parameter that could be used to direct the packager to use a specific runtime is no longer present.
> Is there any mechanism I’ve missed in order to have the packager from jdk10 bundle the 11 runtime plse?
> Thanks

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