REMINDER: Milestone dates for OpenJFX 11 release

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Tue Jul 3 21:59:19 UTC 2018

As a reminder, the RDP1 date for openjfx11 is July 9, at 23:59 Pacific 
time. This is the deadline for features, although we will have a process 
for getting in some smaller enhancements after RDP1 with approval 
(similar to what the JDK does).

-- Kevin

On 6/12/2018 3:18 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> We are getting close to the start of rampdown for JDK 11 [1]. Now that 
> FX is no longer bundled we don't need to follow exactly the same 
> schedule of milestones, although we do want to release this first 
> unbundled FX 11 release at the same time JDK 11 ships (or slightly 
> sooner).
> Here is the proposed rampdown schedule for FX 11. The main differences 
> between the JDK schedule and the FX schedule is that we don't need as 
> long a back end as a full JDK feature release
> 2018-07-09 : RDP1 (aka feature freeze)
> 2018-08-06 : RDP2
> 2018-08-27 : freeze for GAC build
> 2018-09-18 : GA
> I am proposing a shorter time after RDP2 than the JDK because I don't 
> think we need the long back end of a full JDK feature release (not as 
> many moving parts or stakeholders).
> I will send out the proposed ramp-down policies, but as a starting 
> point I imagine we want something similar to what the JDK uses with a 
> couple modifications:
> 1. Since this is our first unbundled release and there are likely to 
> be plenty of bugs that need fixing during RDP1, so I propose to 
> postpone forking the repo until RDP1. This means a 4 week downtime 
> where there is no place to push new features / enhancements unless 
> they are critical to openjfx 11 (in which case they will be an 
> exception). I think this is a reasonable trade-off for this release
> 2. I don't plan to propose any restrictions on P4 bugs before RDP2. 
> The focus should be on more serious bugs, and we likely won't fix many 
> P4s, but if a safe P4 bug fix is proposed, reviewed, and tested, then 
> I see no reason not to take it between RDP1 and RDP2.
> -- Kevin
> [1]

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