HostServices.showDocument in Linux: Default browser

Arne Augenstein openjfx at
Sat Mar 17 15:16:56 UTC 2018


thanks. That is the explanation. I have Firefox an Chromium installed 
and Chromium is missing in the browsers list in line 162. My immediate 
problem could be solved by adding "chromium" to this list. But it still 
wouldn't be a good solution as it doesn't take into account any kind of 
priority users with different browsers might have as it doesn't use any 
of Linux' ways to define default applications. It also doesn't work 
with less popular browsers.

I will keep using Desktop.getDesktop().browse(Uri uri) for the time 
being as this seems to be working better at the moment.

Arne Augenstein

On Sa, Mär 17, 2018 at 1:55 PM, Tom Schindl 
<tom.schindl at> wrote:
> Hi,
> See
> Tom
> On 17.03.18 13:27, Arne Augenstein wrote:
>>  Hello all,
>>  I've been trying to figure out which mechanism JavaFX uses in Linux 
>> to
>>  determine the default browser with which to open the passed URI.
>>  I'm using Manjaro Linux and this method always opens links in 
>> Firefox.
>>  My default browser is Chrome, though. In all the applications I've
>>  tested it (which honestly aren't that many) this setting gets 
>> respected
>>  and links are opened in Chrome.
>>  The "default application"-situation in Linux is a bit complicated, 
>> see
>>  for example 
>>  There many different places default applications can be set and
>>  obviously I haven't found the one which JavaFX uses, yet. Can you 
>> give
>>  me a hint where to look?
>>  Regards
>>  Arne Augenstein

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