Problems building openjfx

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Thu Nov 1 12:33:35 UTC 2018

I’ve just been compiling 8 for Windows since I can get 11 from  I’m going to compile 8 for the Mac and Linux in the next week or two.   I’ll post my notes again for these platforms.




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On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 7:34 PM Nir Lisker <nlisker at <mailto:nlisker at> > wrote:

I think we should focus on 11 on the wiki, so it's really good you have
instructions for 8 on your site. But the 11 instructions on the wiki should
be working for everyone who wants to build 11. 


There are instructions for 8 on the wiki too, though I don't know if they are correct.

As for 11, in the"Platform Prerequisites" section, I only updated the Win instructions because that's what I have. Someone should look at Mac and Linux.



Great, thanks for that. @Carl, can you confirm the instructions on the wiki for 11 are correct? Or do you only build for 8?




- Johan 

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