COMPILE_MEDIA Error on 8udev - DirectShow Question

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Thu Nov 8 18:53:52 UTC 2018

Thanks.  I tried installing the Windows 7 SDK from you link, but the installer errored out mentioning that I needed the RTM .NET Framework 4.  Should I try to install this as well from here?


Is it possible to compile and link against the Windows 10 SDK or is everyone still on 7?




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Try installing this:

чт, 8 нояб. 2018 г., 22:54 <carl at <mailto:carl at> >:


I'm able to build a non-media version of 8udev successfully.  However, when
I try the -PCOMPILE_MEDIA option, I'm getting an error 

> Task :media:buildWinPlugins

make: Entering directory

lib -f Makefile.BaseClasses

cygpath: cannot create short name of C:\Program Files\Microsoft

make[1]: Entering directory

Usage: cygpath (-d|-m|-u|-w|-t TYPE) [-f FILE] [OPTION]... NAME...

I have a new computer with Visual Studio 2017.   I understand that the
DirectShow libraries have now been incorporated into the Windows SDK.  I
found header files like dshow.h in my hard drvie, but I don't have a
BaseClasses folder.

Has anyone compiled media with a recent VSS or are most people compiling
against residual artifacts from a while ago?



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