OpenJFX Build Setup

Bryce Glover randomdsdevel at
Fri Nov 9 20:37:41 UTC 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

     While going through the process of setting up an OpenJFX package to be
distributed via Homebrew in, I noticed that the
results of running either plain 'gradle' or task-qualified 'gradle all'
don't include the following build products:

   - 'libfxplugins.dylib'
   - 'libglib-lite.dylib'
   - 'libgstreamer-lite.dylib'
   - 'libjfxmedia.dylib'
   - 'libjfxmedia_avf.dylib'
   - 'libjfxwebkit.dylib'

under '"$BUILD_PATH/build/artifacts/javafx-sdk-$VERSION/lib/"' (where '
$BUILD_PATH' is a temporary directory and '$VERSION' is the version being
built, currently v11.0.1+1, the latest release as of this writing) as
compared to the SDK archives you distribute on your download page
<>.  It's not immediately obvious from your
build instructions
<> what
additional 'gradle' options and/or properties I might need to set in order
to fix this.  Given the presence of those dynamic libraries mentioning
GStreamer, it looks like I might be missing a dependency, too.  How might I
build these additional artifacts like you do for the pre-compiled releases?

Thanks in advance,
     Bryce Glover
     RandomDSdevel at

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