Filling the Packager gap

Sverre Moe at
Sun Nov 11 22:00:25 UTC 2018

has there been any new updates to jpackager in JDK12 since you backported

I have found some problems with jpackager. Perhaps they might have been
fixed later.
I mentioned this to core-list-dev mailinglist on jpackager thread.

The control file for debian package does not set correct description

--name test
--description This is a Test Application

Package: test
Description: test

The RPM gets it correctly
Summary     : test
Description :
This is a Test Application

Category is not set on either DEB or RPM
          Category or group of the application.
--category "Some/Category/Application"
Group: Unspecified
Section: unknown

Perhaps I have misunderstood what this category is for, because I see this
it is set in the generated application.desktop, but It should definitely
also be set in the RPM and DEB.


Den ons. 19. sep. 2018 kl. 10:56 skrev Johan Vos <johan.vos at>:

> Hi,
> As promised, we looked into an interim solution for the packager-gap. Work
> for the new Java Packager (12?) is being done in the OpenJDK sandbox repo.
> We backported the required changes to an OpenJDK 11 mirror:
> With this, we created modified OpenJDK 11 builds that contain the packager
> (wrapper/exe + module including native library). They can be downloaded and
> tested/used at
> For Windows, you have to unzip the bundle in the same directory as the JDK,
> as the packager wrapper expect to find the java binary at the same level.
> Note that these are not products. We use them internally to create
> installers (e.g. we're using them for Scene Builder 11 and that works
> fine), and they do what we expect them to do, but there are no guarantees
> of course so at least for now I recommend using them in development only
> (or even better, look at the changes and contribute to
> or to this backport)
> - Johan

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