Building on Ubuntu 18.10

Giuseppe Barbieri elect86 at
Fri Nov 16 22:38:11 UTC 2018


after bleeding today trying to build it on Win 10 (, I decided to try on
Ubuntu hoping for a more friendly iter

Luckily only a problem arises:

Removing `Werror` from `linux.gradle` solved the problem

Someone may want to work on those issue to easier the building process for
future users..

Now, I'd like to play a little with the graphics backends, especially the
ES2 one.

How can I be sure that OpenJFX uses that?

Also, are there any license issues if I try to modify the sources, trying
to accomodate some lwjgl interoperability, keeping everything public on

What's the status of the OpenGLNode? Anybody looking forward to it? May we
work together?


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