Building on Ubuntu 18.10

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Fri Nov 16 23:25:07 UTC 2018


On Linux and OS-X it is chosen by default unless your
graphics-card/driver is black listed - only happens on Linux. On Windows
there's no OpenGL pipeline (see below) but just D3D. To integrate OpenGL
on win32 you need to do some extra work.

We ( together with some of our customers) are working on
Native-Surface-Support (OpenGL and D3D). We are not yet ready to share
it publicly.

Once we make our first draft implementation available we hope to receive
feedback from the OpenJFX community to improve and move it forward
together in OSS.


On 16.11.18 23:38, Giuseppe Barbieri wrote:
> Hi,
> after bleeding today trying to build it on Win 10 (
>, I decided to try on
> Ubuntu hoping for a more friendly iter
> Luckily only a problem arises:
> Removing `Werror` from `linux.gradle` solved the problem
> Someone may want to work on those issue to easier the building process for
> future users..
> Now, I'd like to play a little with the graphics backends, especially the
> ES2 one.
> How can I be sure that OpenJFX uses that?
> Also, are there any license issues if I try to modify the sources, trying
> to accomodate some lwjgl interoperability, keeping everything public on
> github?
> What's the status of the OpenGLNode? Anybody looking forward to it? May we
> work together?
> Cheers,
> Giuseppe

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