RFE: Add support for e-paper displays

John Neffenger john at status6.com
Mon Jan 7 20:10:32 UTC 2019

I submitted the following GitHub issue requesting an enhancement that I 
would like to see in JavaFX. I used the JDK Enhancement Proposal 
template as a guide in writing the request. I would greatly appreciate 
any comments you can provide. I also have an implementation ready for a 
pull request.

Add support for e-paper displays

I realize this is probably too late for version 12, and too early for 
version 13, so forgive me for the timing.

Should I duplicate the text in a Request for Enhancement on the Java Bug 
Report page, or may I provide a brief description and just link to the 
issue on GitHub? I don't have direct access to the Java Bug System.

Thank you,

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