JavaFX Content Rendering & Resizing and Font Bugs In Linux

Ty Young youngty1997 at
Sun Jan 13 06:20:31 UTC 2019

Seeing as how this important issue is seemingly being ignored, I've 
decided to upload a video showcases the bugs[1]. If this isn't evidence 
that there is a problem with JavaFX's content rendering, resizing, and 
fonts I don't know what is.

The issues I'm experiencing affect every single JavaFX application that 
I've tested, which is:

Goliath Envious FX(mine, repo linked earlier)

Scenic View

Scene Builder

PlayOnLinux 5

Of special note is Scenic View. For reasons I don't understand, Scenic 
View does not always show the glitching. It, however, has extremely 
laggy resizing. Even when it isn't glitching however, it is always 
possible to make it happen by going to Help > About and closing the 
About window that pops up.

Node count for my app is 422 at most and about 150 at its lowest. This 
number will increase/decrease with the amount of Nvidia GPUs connected 
to the system. That decreases or increases depending on the content 
being shown. I have no idea where or how it is even that high seeing as 
how hardly anything is even on the screen to begin with.

Font boldness bug can be found at 6-8 second range in the video. It used 
to happen in a different part of the GUI...

Can we please actually talk about what the actual issues are instead of 
blaming the end programmers and/or excuses like "it's just too complex"? 

Side note 1: to whoever is developing Scenic View(assuming they are 
subscribed to this list), your application spits out errors like 
crazy(see the video). java.instrument was exported in module-info yet it 
threw errors saying otherwise. Application output was throwing 
connection refused exceptions left and right. Some X related code was 
spitting out a colored error message saying java was doing something 
networking(?) related that it shouldn't and "please stop that" or other. 
I didn't copy the exact text sadly.

Also, specify a min width/height.

Side note 2: I was wrong about JavaFX not supporting 1440p and 4k. It 
uses GDK_SCALE to scale the UI. Problem is, GDK_SCALE isn't a reliable 
way of getting the actual UI scale and will only work for native 
displays at native resolutions. Using xrandr to scale the output display 
results in 1x scaling even though the DE is being rendered in 4k. I'm 
guessing this is related to having to log back out and log back in in 
Windows. It would be nice if JavaFX had failsafe code to dynamically 
handle this.


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