JavaFX Content Rendering & Resizing and Font Bugs In Linux

John Neffenger john at
Wed Jan 16 06:17:49 UTC 2019

On 1/15/19 6:36 PM, Ty Young wrote:
> In otherwords, similar to double and triple buffering. Of course, just 
> like with double/triple buffering this can cause side affects.

Yes, JavaFX does all that. I was trying to help out by informing you of 
at least one concurrency bug between the QuantumRenderer and JavaFX 
Application thread, because your video looked similar -- like an 
off-screen composition buffer being mistakenly reset.

> I created a new JavaFX/JDK build with the submitted commit and it 
> doesn't improve anything. It could just be placebo but it may have 
> actually made it worse.

Right. I was also unable to hit that specific bug when trying to 
reproduce your problem. I mentioned it only to give you some ideas for 
your own debugging deep dive. Sorry I wasn't more clear.


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