JavaFX Content Rendering & Resizing and Font Bugs In Linux

Ty Young youngty1997 at
Wed Jan 16 18:00:14 UTC 2019

On 1/16/19 8:57 AM, Siddhesh Rane wrote:
> January 16, 2019 8:07 AM, "Ty Young" <youngty1997 at> wrote:
>> ...and can cause undefined behavior like horizontal scrollbars showing when they shouldn't I
>> assume?
> As I have said previously, scrollbar issue is occuring only due to your use of DoubleBinding in layout.

How else is percentage based UI sizing besides DoubleBinding(s)? Isn't 
column restraints just the same thing but aligns everything to a column?

I have to ask(again) as to why minWidth/maxWidth, minHeight/maxHeight, 
prefWidth/prefHeight aren't read only if this is going to be an *always* 
realistically going to be an issue.

> I saw your code and I can confirm this is the main cause.
> If you want a 15-85 % split, you should have used a GridPane with two columns with the given percentage constraints.

This works for the buttons/scrollpane but what about the subcontent? 
TableView's scrollbars also glitch out in the exact same way.

> I have created a gist here to demonstrate it [1]. Preview it in Scene Builder.
> I would highly recommend you to play with javafx layout panes in scene builder and to use fxml for more of your layout than handcoding it.

SceneBuilder's lack of UI snapping compared to Netbean's Swing builder 
makes it incredibly difficult to get anything remotely pixel perfect 
without banging your head against a wall. Separate controller classes 
and FXML annotations everywhere isn't really desirable either. I 
originally entertained the idea of doing it all in FXML only to quickly 
discard the idea.

It's my understanding that FXML has to be converted to Java in the end 
anyway so anything done in FXML should theoretically be possible in 
Java. Is that not correct?

> [1]
> Regards
> Siddhesh

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