TableView Commit on Focus Lost + Canvas Issue

dprutean pruteanu at
Tue Jan 22 09:31:31 UTC 2019

Hi JavaFx,

TableView is behaving different then Excel, for example, when the user
edits a cell and then click another cell. In JavaFx the editing is lost.
This is really an issue, in must of the cases users does not understand
why. This was planned in this issue for Java 10.
The issue is still open, can be please fixed ? Maybe a method
tableView.commitOnFocusLost(true) would be a great solution.

Also an issue regarding Canvas and gr.fillText(), will be great to have it

Are we allowed to specify here some applications we work on ?
Is just nice to have idea of JavaFx applications.
I ask first, not to be blamed.

Best regards,
Dragos Pruteanu

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