Ad NashornScriptEngine (Re: FXMLLoader: not supplying filename to script engine, not supplying event object as argument to script

Rony G. Flatscher Rony.Flatscher at
Thu Nov 14 18:12:19 UTC 2019

On 14.11.2019 16:34, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
> On 13.11.2019 19:50, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>> On 11/13/2019 9:42 AM, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
... cut ...
>>> To reproduce the testcase one would need ooRexx and the Java bridge BSF4ooRexx (all opensource) for
>>> which I could come up with a zip-archive (assuming binaries within should be 64-bit) and a script to
>>> set up the environment either for Windows, Linux or MacOS, whatever you advise. Would that be o.k.?
>> We prefer not to rely on third-party libraries for test cases. In any case we would not be able to
>> use that for a regression test / unit test. 

If test units really seem to be important in this particular case, one possibility would be to
create a minimalistic ScriptEngine implementation in pure Java just for the sole purpose to allow
the creation of a test unit that is able to assert that FXMLLoader puts the ScriptEngine.ARGV and
ScriptEngine.FILENAME entries into the ENGINE_SCOPE Bindings. E.g. having the ScriptEngine's eval()
methods return the ScriptContext at invocation time in order to allow inspection of the Bindings.
This way it would become also possible to write in addition test units that also check whether all
FXML elements that carry a fx:id are really placed into the GLOBAL_SCOPE Bindings.


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