Glass backends - xGravity and yGravity

Thiago Milczarek Sayão thiago.sayao at
Mon Dec 14 22:26:28 UTC 2020


Question: Are the xGravity and yGravity still in use?

Windows glass backend seems to ignore it, and I can't think of any scenario
where this would be used on Linux glass backend.


public abstract class Window {

 * Sets the window bounds to the specified values.
 * Gravity values specify how to correct window location if only its size
 * changes (for example when stage decorations are added). User initiated
 * resizing should be ignored and must not influence window location through
 * this mechanism.
 * The corresponding correction formulas are:
 * {@code x -= xGravity * deltaW}
 * {@code y -= yGravity * deltaH}
 * @param x the new window horizontal position, ignored if xSet is set to
 *          false
 * @param y the new window vertical position, ignored if ySet is set to
 *          false
 * @param xSet indicates whether the x parameter is valid
 * @param ySet indicates whether the y parameter is valid
 * @param w the new window width, ignored if set to -1
 * @param h the new window height, ignored if set to -1
 * @param cw the new window content width, ignored if set to -1
 * @param ch the new window content height, ignored if set to -1
 * @param xGravity the xGravity coefficient
 * @param yGravity the yGravity coefficient
public void setBounds(float x, float y, boolean xSet, boolean ySet,
                      float w, float h, float cw, float ch,
                      float xGravity, float yGravity)

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