JavaFX 13 Webview hangs

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Mon Feb 10 14:40:51 UTC 2020

A thread stack dump using "jstack" might be helpful.

Also, what version of the JDK are you running?

-- Kevin

On 2/9/2020 4:07 AM, Lior Yaffe wrote:
> My application is a Java application running a Javascript/Html website
> inside a JavaFX WebView. It was working stable for several years with
> various versions of Java and JavaFX.
> As far as I can tell it is following best coding practices such as running
> all UI code in the JavaFX thread and as such.
> Since upgrading to JavaFX 13 my application hangs sporadically. When it
> happens the website running inside the webview becomes unresponsive and
> displays an hourglass icon.
> When the app hangs I cannot take a thread dump using jstack or close the
> application. I have to kill it.
> The problem is reproduced on multiple Windows workstations. It was never
> reported or reproduced on Linux or Mac so there is a chance it is Windows
> specific.
> When the app hangs the CPU is ideal so this is not a busy loop.
> Which diagnostic information can I obtain to better understand this problem?

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