Minimal reproduction example for JDK-8217953 NPE in TableCellSkin

Peter, Benjamin B.Peter at
Thu Feb 13 10:54:22 UTC 2020

Dear FX devs,

please accept my minimal reproduction example for JDK-8217953
"NullPointerException when TableCellSkin gets disposed twice"

In the report it says there was no luck reproducing it - I hope this could now be beneficial for a solution to this problem.

I could repeatedly trigger the problem after 100 of my update cycles - which interestingly corresponds to the following constant which can be found along the stacktrace. = 100
Surely - could be coincidence - but also a hot lead.

I can also confirm it is still reproducable in jfx 11 and 13.

It is available as public domain gist on github:

Thank you for your work and cooperation,

with kind regards,

Benjamin Peter

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