Question ad running the "systemTests" module tests ...

Rony G. Flatscher Rony.Flatscher at
Wed Feb 19 19:25:29 UTC 2020

"build.gradle" contains the project ":systemTests" which defines tests that each run on a separate
JVM and use their own Assert methods defined in respective They signal success according
to the values defined in "".

The module test "testapp7" that I wrote mimickries the existing "testapp6" module in its layout.
"testapp7" has been successfully added to the list of test modules and got compiled successfully,
such that it is possible to run the "testapp7" module from the command line and it behaves as
expected given the data and assertions carried out.

However, when running "./gradlew systemTests test" that module test "testapp7" does not get executed
(and perhaps none of the other module tests) it seems, although "FULL_TEST" was set to "true" in
"build.gradle" such that the module tests should get "enabled" therefore.

Is there something else to take into account or is there some other task that I need to use?

Any help, pointer highly appreciated!


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