Question ad running the "systemTests" module tests ...

Rony G. Flatscher Rony.Flatscher at
Thu Feb 20 09:31:26 UTC 2020


thank you very much for your information!

On 19.02.2020 20:44, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> First, make sure that your test class name ends with exactly the string "Test".

Renamed the class such that it ends in "Test" ("FXMLScriptTest"), however this does not cause the
class to be loaded from the modular app and its main() method to be run using "./gradlew
-PFULL_TEST=true :systemTests:test".

All the "systemTests" modular applications (cf. "jfx/tests/system/src/testapp{1..6}") do not contain
any classes that end in the string "Test"! Rather all the classes that carry out assertions possess
a main() method that controls the execution and the assertions (usually they extend Application and
implement the start() method, in which the test methods get triggered).

So that led me to believe that in the case of these system tests the test runner inspects all
classes and if they contain a main() method just executes it and upon return the launcher inspects
the return code to determine whether the system test run of that class was successful or not.

When trying to run test classes individually in the system tests, the "--tests" filter comes up with
an error, e.g. for

   ./gradlew -PFULL_TEST=true :systemTests:test --tests FXMLScriptTest

or for any other of the already existing system tests, e.g.:

   ./gradlew -PFULL_TEST=true :systemTests:test --tests AppFXMLOpened

[The above system test class "AppFXMLOpened" is part of the "testapp6" modular test and located in
the package "myapp6". Note, the class name does not end in "Test".]

So maybe there is another way to run/launch these system test modular apps (maybe also individually)?


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