Request for adding my github userid ..

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Sat Feb 22 16:38:47 UTC 2020

Rony isn't an Author, meaning he doesn't have an OpenJDK ID. 
Nevertheless, all Contributors need to have their GitHub username 
registered. It's a different process for those who do have an OpenJDK ID 
versus those who don't.

Those who do will file an issue in JBS in the SKARA project to associate 
their GitHub user ID with their OpenJDK ID.

Those who don't will enter the "/signed" command (or "/covered" if 
working for an employer who has signed on behalf of the whole company) 
to have their GitHub username verified against the list of OCA signatories.

Both processes are listed in the automated comment (which Rony included 
below) that the Skara bot adds to a PR for first-time Contributors.

-- Kevin

On 2/22/2020 8:33 AM, Philip Race wrote:
> What openjdk ID would this be associated with ?
> I don't see a Rony Flatscher in the census : 
> Rony, Have you made contributions and been granted author status ?
> If yes, where is it on that page ? If not, then you need to make 
> contributions
> (not just sign the OCA) before you get author status and until then 
> there is nothing
> with which to associate your github id.
> -phil
> On 2/22/20, 8:27 AM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>> What you need to do is this:
>> > Once you have signed the OCA, please let us know by writing 
>> `/signed` in a comment in this pull request.
>> Omit the quotes in the command.
>> This will alert the Skara maintainers to check your OCA status and 
>> make the association.
>> -- Kevin
>> On 2/22/2020 8:20 AM, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
>>> Trying to place my first pull requests via github and received the 
>>> following e-mail:
>>> --- cut ---
>>> Hi ronyfla, welcome to this OpenJDK project and thanks for 
>>> contributing!
>>> We do not recognize you as Contributor 
>>> <> and need to
>>> ensure you have signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA). If 
>>> you have not signed the OCA,
>>> please follow the instructions 
>>> <>.
>>> Please fill in your GitHub username in the "Username" field of the 
>>> application. Once you have signed
>>> the OCA, please let us know by writing |/signed| in a comment in 
>>> this pull request.
>>> If you already are an OpenJDK Author 
>>> <>, Committer
>>> <> or Reviewer 
>>> <>,
>>> please click here 
>>> <> 
>>> to
>>> open a new issue so that we can record that fact. Please use "Add 
>>> GitHub user ronyfla" as summary
>>> for the issue.
>>> If you are contributing this work on behalf of your employer and 
>>> your employer has signed the OCA,
>>> please let us know by writing |/covered| in a comment in this pull 
>>> request.
>>> --- cut ---
>>> So I am kindly requesting to associate my github user id 'ronyfla' 
>>> with my signed OCA form such that
>>> the pull requests can go forward.
>>> TIA
>>> ---rony
>>> P.S.: In the meantime I have changed the github e-mail address for 
>>> 'ronyfla' to the one in the OCA
>>> if that makes a difference.

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