JBS bugs and enhancements still targeted to openjfx15

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Thu Jul 2 17:49:07 UTC 2020

To: OpenJFX Authors, Committers, and Reviewers

Now that we are in the rampdown for openjfx15, I ask everyone who is an 
Author, Committer, or Reviewer in the OpenJFX project, and who has a JBS 
issue targeted to openjfx15 (that is, "fixversion==openjfx15"), to look 
at their JBS issues and move them to a future release, unless they are 
among the few candidates for getting into 15 during rampdown.

1. Here is a JBS query for bugs still targeted to openjfx15:


At the time of sending this email, there are 28 bugs on that list. Many 
(probably most) of these should be retargeted to openjfx16, or to "tbd" 
if you don't intend to fix them within the next 6 months.

2. Here is a JBS query for enhancements and other tasks still targeted 
to openjfx15:


At the time of sending this email, there are 15 issues on that list. 
None of these seem like candidates to consider for openjfx15, so they 
should be retargeted to either "openjfx16", if they are planned for the 
next 6 months, or "tbd", otherwise.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

-- Kevin

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