Request for permission to backport to 14

Johan Vos johan.vos at
Thu Jul 16 18:10:16 UTC 2020

Hi Kevin,

I request permission to backport the following fixes to the jfx14 branch:

JDK-8244579: Windows "User Objects" leakage with WebView
JDK-8237889: Update libxml2 to version 2.9.10
JDK-8239107: Update libjpeg to version 9d
JDK-8236832: [macos 10.15] JavaFX Application hangs on video play on
JDK-8240694: [macos 10.15] JavaFX Media hangs on some video files on
JDK-8241629: [macos10.15] Long startup delay playing media over https on
JDK-8234474: [macos 10.15] Crash in file dialog in sandbox mode


- Johan

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