Media Player Failure When Speakers Not Present

omniprof at omniprof at
Mon Sep 14 20:02:52 UTC 2020

While I am still looking for where I can file this problem I thought I'd
bring it to the list. A program I use in my course plays a short video. Have
used it for a few years and it works fine. EXCEPT, if there is not a
connected audio out device such as speakers or headphones. The video does
not play and there is no stack trace or any other indication of a problem.
Stage opens fine but the media control does nothing and the scene appears
empty. Discovered when I used a machine that did not have speakers plugged
into it. Expected behaviour was just to see the video without sound. It is
possible that this bug has been around since the introduction of the Media /
Media Player control. 


I assume the code works like "Hi M. PCaudio, what are you connected to?"
"I'm not connected to anything, M. Media Player" "That's OK M. PCAudio, I'll
just wait forever or just give up and do nothing".


Or, it can just be a crazy Xeon based Windows machine that is giving grief
to OpenJFX. Using Java 14 and OpenJFX 16-ea+1.


Ken Fogel


PS: If someone can send me the URL for OpenJFX's JIRA or equivalent, I will
submit a bug report.


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