Question about deadlock issue

Steven Yi stevenyi at
Thu Sep 17 11:01:39 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I had reported a deadlock issue that requires app restart whenever a
context menu is shown in JFX embedded within Swing (i.e., JFXPanel) on

I had not seen any updates on the issue in a month and I'm wondering
what to do. This is a serious bug for me and I'd like to have as
informed an opinion at this point on my decision on whether to
continue using JavaFX. Any advice here would be appreciated.

A few things:

* I wanted to add information to the ticket but I'm a 3rd party bug
reporter and I do not see how one can do this. I found that this
situation is reproducible if I use "built-in" context menus, such as
right clicking a text field. I thought I might be able to replace my
own JFX code to use Swing popups and windows where necessary, but
going and patching the built-in controls felt like too much.

* I tested using the recently released JavaFX 15 and found the
deadlock to still be reproducible. (Using AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.8+10)

* I don't really understand the JBS in regards to priority (i.e, what
P3 means).  I understand that using JavaFX within a Swing application
may not be a priority for anyone else but myself. However, I am trying
to understand if this is being looked at and if there's any way for me
to figure out a timeline so I can make a decision whether to remove
JavaFX from my application or not. There is a lot of code in my
application that I'd have to port back to Swing, but realizing that
any macOS user of my app is pretty much going to run into this at some
point, I have to seriously consider this option.


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