cleanup obsolete code

Johan Vos johan.vos at
Thu Jan 14 13:53:00 UTC 2021


We currently have a number of GLFactory implementations in the ES2 Prism
pipeline that are probably never used: EGLX11 and EGLFX. On Linux, we use
X11, and systems with monocle can use either egl, X11, fb,... but that is
then managed by the MonocleGLFactory.

Unless these files are used, I suggest they are removed (that is the java
classes and the native code).

The static initialiser of GLFactory will then have only 2 choices for
factoryClasses that can be used on Linux: X11, or Monocle. The latter is
only used if the System Property `embedded` is set to `monocle` (as checked
in PlatformUtil). We can replace this in a check on the Glass platform
(which is already done in Glass: will check the
value of `glass.platform`, and Monocle will be selected in Glass in case
the value is set to `Monocle`.)
Clearly, Prism and Glass are 2 different things, but I personally would
prefer to have the decision whether to use X11 or Monocle to be based on
this `glass.platform` property rather then on yet another property
(`embedded`) that is apart from this not used for anything else.

I will create an issue for this, but in case I'm missing something, please
let me know.

- Johan

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