hg: panama/dev: Clean up variable shifts and intOrLong flag

razvan.a.lupusoru at intel.com razvan.a.lupusoru at intel.com
Thu Apr 5 18:05:02 UTC 2018

Changeset: a1aacba7b7b2
Author:    rlupusoru
Date:      2018-04-05 11:00 -0700
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/panama/dev/rev/a1aacba7b7b2

Clean up variable shifts and intOrLong flag

Two changes contained in this patch:
- intOrlong has been renamed to be consistent with others. It is now intOrLong.
This led to a place where it was intended to be used to correctly generate now.
- variable shifts are only supported for int and long. This was added from
a recommendation on panama but initial discussion and plan was specifically
specified only for int and long.

! src/jdk.incubator.vector/share/classes/jdk/incubator/vector/ByteVector.java
! src/jdk.incubator.vector/share/classes/jdk/incubator/vector/IntVector.java
! src/jdk.incubator.vector/share/classes/jdk/incubator/vector/LongVector.java
! src/jdk.incubator.vector/share/classes/jdk/incubator/vector/ShortVector.java
! src/jdk.incubator.vector/share/classes/jdk/incubator/vector/X-Vector.java.template
! src/jdk.incubator.vector/share/classes/jdk/incubator/vector/X-VectorBits.java.template
! src/jdk.incubator.vector/share/classes/jdk/incubator/vector/X-VectorHelper.java.template
! src/jdk.incubator.vector/share/classes/jdk/incubator/vector/gen-src.sh

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