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Samuel Audet samuel.audet at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 13:07:42 UTC 2018

Hi, Maurizio,

Sounds good! Looking forward to the meetings.

And I think we're already seeing more action from ARM, awesome!


2018年9月3日(月) 18:54 Maurizio Cimadamore <maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com>:

> On 01/09/18 07:28, Samuel Audet wrote:
> > Now this is starting to sound like a plan! The point isn't about
> > pointers or arrays, I'm not aware of all the discussions that went
> > into that decision, and this is the point. All decisions related to
> > Panama are made behind closed doors with no input from the community.
> > It's the first time I hear about most of what you've just made public
> > below, so this is a good start. Please keep making this kind of
> > information public. I'm sure it will help make people feel welcome.
> Hi Samuel,
> point noted; sometimes emails are just not a suitable medium for
> capturing design decisions. And if there's something we should be doing
> more of, is trying to open up some of the discussions that sometimes we
> have internally (although the ration between open and closed discussion
> is nowhere near what you imagine); there's nothing fundamentally private
> to these communications, think of it as 'laziness' or habit on our part.
> I've been trying to be more upfront about our goals - and have some
> write-ups pushed out _before_ starting to make any significant changes
> to the code base. I guess sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't and
> we need help from all of you to call us out when it doesn't, so thank you.
> All this said, I'd say that most of the information is available out
> there - and when it's not, trust me, it's not because of some evil
> machination on our part; writing things up in a decent way takes time
> too, and we have to balance that too - if we still want to have time
> left to push the code changes out :-)
> As  a closing comment, at the OpenJDK Committer Workshop [1] very
> similar concerns were raised - and Brian Goetz proposed that some of
> these projects (Valhalla, Panama, Amber) could have some periodic public
> meetup (e.g. via Zoom) where stakeholders could meet architects and
> developers and make sure that their voice is heard. I think this could
> go a long way in helping us understand how to improve our
> communications. As we move closer to an early access state, I think we
> will host one such experimental call (details TBD), so that we can have
> a chat of what will be in the EA, what will not be in it, and what's our
> plan to move the ball forward.
> Cheers
> Maurizio
> [1] - http://openjdk.java.net/workshop

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