How to contribute the already work (mips port) to OpenJDK?

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Thu Dec 17 08:32:06 PST 2009

敖琪 wrote:
> Can Shark, the JIT compiler of iceadtea project, work on mips now? 


I don't think that Shark works on MIPS yet - Shark uses LLVM, which has an
experimental MIPS backend, but no MIPS JIT backend yet, afaict. A good
place to ask about Shark would be the zero-dev mailing list.

Except Shark, what else JIT compiler can work on mips? 

There is no MIPS JIT in OpenJDK. You may be able to get
OpenJDK + IcedTea + Cacao working on MIPS - but I'm not 
familiar with how well that combination works in practice. 
The best place to ask about that combination would be 
the distro-pkg-dev mailing list.

> I found Port Project for the MIPS Architecture on OpenJDK’s website, but I didn’t get much information there. 

I cc:ed Jonathan Springer, who's been working on the OpenJDK MIPS porting project,
he may be able to give you a current status update.

> Could anyone give some advice about our next step or next work please? Is there any one interested in this or could some one give some support? Thanks.

I think it would be really great to get more activity on the MIPS port. From the 
process side, you should make yourself familiar with the documents describing
contributing to OpenJDK at .

Depending on what you want to do, it may make sense to start contributing
to the existing MIPS interpreter porting project in order to port HotSpot to 
MIPS, or to start hacking on Shark & a LLVM MIPS JIT backend, to make 
that combination work. In either case, please coordinate with the 
respective projects on their mailing lists.

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