How to contribute the already work (mips port) to OpenJDK?

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> Can Shark, the JIT compiler of iceadtea project, work on mips now? Except Shark, what else JIT compiler can work on mips? I googled but I got no useful hits.
> The company ( I work for has some experience in porting the jdk including hotspot to mips (loongson2) on linux, and we are interested in participating in the work on porting OpenJDK to mips. I found Port Project for the MIPS Architecture on OpenJDK¡¯s website, but I didn¡¯t get much information there. Could anyone give some advice about our next step or next work please? Is there any one interested in this or could some one give some support? Thanks.

Others will speak for Shark/LLVM, but I worked on a native port to MIPS.
 The interpreter was finished, using OpenJDK's asm interpreter as
opposed to its C++ one, but the compiler was not done (lack of funding
for the project).  You could start from that base if you wanted.  You'd
want to start by merging up from the relatively ancient version it was
based on (anyone remember b18?).


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