New CPU & OS Platform System Properties

Thomas Stüfe thomas.stuefe at
Wed Jan 9 05:58:37 PST 2013


it would be nice to be able to distinguish between
a) "the architecture the VM is built for" (which is os.arch, I think) vs
b) "the architecture it is running on".

Usually its the same, but not always, as some OSes are able to start
different binary types.

- running an x86 (32bit) VM on x64.
- running an x86 VM on ia64 (which at least on Windows works)
- more exotic example, running an parisc VM on HP-UX itanium

You need (a) to make decisions about which native libraries to load at
some point. You also may need (b), though I am hard pressed to find an

Thomas Stuefe
SAP Germany

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