Introducing: portola/jdk9

Mikael Vidstedt mikael.vidstedt at
Wed May 3 23:26:20 UTC 2017


The first round of changes needed to build the JDK for Alpine/musl are now all in the portola/portola forest. I have some additional changes queued up, and some of the changes I already pushed may need to be revisited and verified. For example, the isnan change isn’t necessarily correct for other (non-musl) platforms. I will be working on getting at least some of the patches “upstreamed” over the next few weeks.

In parallel with that though:

The portola/portola forest is based on jdk10/jdk10. To make it easier to build and test a jdk9 version of the Alpine/musl JDK I requested a portola/jdk9 forest. The portola/jdk9 forest is, much like the name suggests, based on jdk9. I will be integrating backports of the above mentioned changes there in a bit.

Going forward please help me keep both forests up to date by back porting (or forward porting) changes!


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