Code review request: 8015274, 8015276 and 8016158: policytool manual test problems

Weijun Wang at
Sat Jun 8 18:32:12 PDT 2013

Updated at

A new bug 8016158 is added.

The changes include:

1. Add CYGWIN* as a case for uname in all tests
2. Add description about temp directory in all tests
3. now checks for ~/.java.policy and creates a keystore
4. Many changes in i18n.html, keystore URLs, some warning now does not show.

I personally run on Mac and Windows. Every step looks fine now.


On 5/31/13 9:41 AM, Weijun Wang wrote:
> Please review the fix at
> It's for two bugs:
>     8015274: TEST_BUG: Step2: After selecting 'View Warning Log', it is
> empty instead of FileNotFound.
>     8015276: TEST_BUG: The 'ptool.test' can't be saved in the 'tmp' folder.
> Thanks
> Max

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