8017325, 8017326: Cleanup of javadoc <code> tag

Jason Uh jason.uh at oracle.com
Fri Jun 21 18:58:10 PDT 2013

After learning that javadoc is now capable of properly formatting the 
"<pre>{@code ...}</pre>" construct, I have updated the changeset for 
java.security.cert. Please review instead:

Webrevs --
- java.security.cert (updated):
- java.security.spec (no change):

Note that this change does visibly change the generated javadoc, as 
reported by specdiff. In particular, the change to <pre>{@code 
...}</pre> in the javadoc for the 
X509Extension.getNonCriticalExtensionOIDs() method now allows the 
generated HTML to correctly display the line:

    Set<String> nonCritSet = badCert.getNonCriticalExtensionOIDs();

which was previously (incorrectly) displayed as

    Set nonCritSet = badCert.getNonCriticalExtensionOIDs();

when the text "<String>" was still enclosed within 


The files that have been updated

On 6/21/13 5:47 PM, Jason Uh wrote:
> Joe, all,
> Could I please get a review of the following changes?
> These changesets convert the <code>...</code> javadoc tags to {@code
> ...} as part of an overall effort to clean up doclint warnings.
> Webrevs --
> - java.security.cert:
>      http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~juh/8017325/webrev.00/
> - java.security.spec:
>      http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~juh/8017326/webrev.00/
> specdiff reported no changes in the generated docs.
> More of these to come.
> Thanks,
> Jason

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