RFR 8051408: JEP 273: DRBG-Based SecureRandom Implementations

Wang Weijun weijun.wang at oracle.com
Thu Apr 21 08:52:38 UTC 2016

Hi All

Webrev updated again at


Changes since webrev.10:

- DRBG's generateSeed() will directly read from securerandom.source and does not have the synchronized modifier anymore. This is the same as SHA1PRNG.

- new Capability methods boolean supportsReseeding() and boolean supportsPredictionResistance()

- The "drbg" security property is renamed to "securerandom.drbg.config".

- SecureRandom#nextBytes(byte[]) will no longer throw an NPE. It's up to a provider to decide what to do. Currently, SunPKCS11 ignores it and all others throw an NPE.

- Move spec in Instantiate#getCapability to Capability.

- Internal nonce provider upgraded from a long to 16 bytes.

- "DRBG:SUN" added as a fallback for "securerandom.strongAlgorithms" security property on *nix

- Rename engineConfigure() to configure() in AbstractDrbg, and merge configureInternal() into it.

- Provider#newInstanceUtil will throw NoSuchMethodException (instead of IAE) if a SecureRandom implementation has not provided a constructor with a params parameter and user is calling getInstance(alg,params). This is just an internal change since the exception thrown by getInstance() is always be NoSuchAlgorithmException.

- More information in exceptions

- Other refactoring


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